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Photographing Chepalanthera epipactoides at Lesvos Photographing Chepalanthera epipactoides at Lesvos

About the website

This website has been made as an attempt to show the diversity and beauty found within the orchid genus. Photographing orchids is a hobby I've had for a long time. For many years, my wife and I have been traveling to scenic areas around Europe. Besides to locations in Sweden, it has often been southern Europe and particularly the Mediterranean. Although it has not always been the orchids that have been the main goal of our trip there have been many opportunities to document the orchids that come in our way. Not always the results have been what I wanted, especially from places visited when using analogue technology and you did not see the results before you were home again and got the films back in your mailbox. Lacking better alternatives, I have used some of such scanned images as well.
My hope is that the site can inspire someone to become interested in these jewels that our orchids are and perhaps also increase the understanding of how important it is that we preserve the environments needed, that we also in the future can be able to enjoy our orchids.
With the approach I have chosen for this site, I also hope that it can help to create an understanding of what species one might expect to find in a certain area you intend to visit. The site is in no way a complete overview of Europe native orchids, but shows the species I found during my excursions. My hope is that I will be able to complete the site as I get chances to visit new areas.

Would you, as a visitor find any errors, I am grateful to hear from you and point out what you found. This includes everything from typos to incorrect species names or whatever else that has gone wrong. Please use the contact form.
I also welcome comments on the structure of the page.

      NOTE: All images on this website give you a larger image if you click on it.

      An English version of the website is under construction. But much is still Swedish.

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