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Cypripedium calceolus, Falköping 2012-06-17 Cypripedium calceolus, Falköping 2012-06-17

About galleries


There is one gallery for each species but they are gathered by genus.
You can access the galleries either from the links to the right that takes you to the genus (including all subspecies) and from there to the target species. Or directly to the species via the drop down menus under the main menu button "Galleri" (only main species visible in this menu).
Note that the subspecies is presented on the same side as the main species for facilitating comparisons. This means that you get to the same page which subspecies you click in the overview of the genus.
Click one of the pictures and the gallery will open up. You are viewing either with the arrow keys on the keyboard or by using the navigation menu that pops up when you hover over the image. To exit the display, just click outside the picture. 
The page for the extensive genus Ophrys has been somewhat different. It has both direct links to all species but also a grouping of closely related species, in order to facilitate searching for a species, if you do not have the Latin name.